The Black Woman Is More Than A Woman

Explaining the beauty of the most beautiful Black women eloquently in this amazing poem about Black women filled with the most beautiful black women pictures. The beautiful Black woman resonates a unique beauty that is all her own. The Black woman is the Nubian queen of our planet. She is life bearer and light bearer.     All […]

12. Jan 2018
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“Humanity’s Organic Intelligence Has Returned”

“Humanity’s Organic Intelligence Has Returned” Our subconscious mind is like a child that doesn’t know right from wrong. It simply absorbs and takes in everything from its immediate environment and stores it as data for the being to consciously express. Now this is an important thing for humanity to understand because by being raised within […]

“Dis-Covering The Technologies Of The Body: Natural Vaccines VS Unnatural Vaccines

The human body has a natural built in defense system that fights off illness and disease at will, only if given the proper environment that provides the best quality and amount of natural resources that provide the necessary nutrients and minerals it was designed to have. With that being said I want to state that […]