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11 months ago
ressurecting black social networks

Black people, I understand your frustration about the lack of black social networking websites. You feel like you are forced to stay on websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter and other white owned media websites. The truth is, you always have a choice. Support Black Social Networks like you would support black businesses. Black companies require your support to thrive and build. They deserve and demand your support!

Nubian Planet is the most relevant Black Social Network online today with tons of views. It provides all the basic social networking features and atmosphere and more.

The good news is that Nubian Planet is definitely a black owned network that is running on powerful servers. It has been created for all descendants of Nubian people with features you will love to use.

The black economy is joke right now with black people supporting white owned businesses like never before and creating tons of white for white networks. We are looked at as jokes when we complain about how white networks treat us when we demand to be on these networks.

Black Planet is the most important website online as of right now. We have the potential to do great things. Awesome things. It’s time to enjoin immediate action. Help me grow Nubian Planet. The site makes no money and is only being used to bring our people together. There are also legitimate ways to make money on Nubian Planet. Go Check and see for yourself! Go Here! nubianplanet.com

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