Most Beautiful Black Woman

12 months ago
most beautiful black woman

The most beautiful black woman doesn’t have a chiseled white nose. She doesn’t have thin white lips and she is not a skinny, figure-less woman at all. The most beautiful black woman exemplifies features found in people of African descent, from the thickness of lips to the contour of her nose and the depth of her dark brown eyes.

The dark and smooth richness of her dark brown skin compliments this beauty and truly makes her a jewel among priceless African treasures.

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She doesn’t represent African Americans whose features most closely resembles Europeans. Instead, she has truly defined African features that mostly represent African American and women of African descent.


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The features that a woman particularly have are very important when it comes to describing their beauty. Especially when you want to try and represent the beauty of an entire race or culture. Historically, black beauty has been described by finding black people who most closely resemble people of European descent. This is not at all a fair depiction of a diverse group of people with distinct features that are interchangeable from person to person.
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For our illustration of the most beautiful black woman,we describe a woman with distinct African features that are traditionally found in women of African descent. From her rugged and curly, kinky hair to her beautiful,rich and dark complexion. These are not features you find typically on women in rap videos on networks like MTV and BET or even found in some of the most popular mainstream magazines. Historically, these mainstream sources of media usually choose black women who do not appear completely black to represent black people. However, the women seen to represent the beauty of black women mostly seem to have an important flaw at best, which is, they do not resemble the majority of African American or African women.
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It appears that mainstream media wants to represent black beauty by using women who look more European than they look black. These sources of media usually choose light skin women with small noses to represent the beauty that is not typically found in black people of mostly African descent, which is a very unfair representation of black beauty.Pay attention to the mind game that is occurring here. When black women see these other women represent how beautiful black women should look,they often feel compelled to try their best to emulate such beauty. This causes them to by ridiculous skin lightening products to lighten their skin complexions to a lighter color. This form of brainwash also causes these women to put a higher value on European beauty. In return, they devalue their own beauty. All of this occurs because these women were never fairly represented. So they are misguided and feel that to be a beautiful black woman, you have to convert yourself to a cheap imitation of a Caucasian. The result that happens is that these women will never feel beautiful. After all, how can a black woman compete with a white women when they are both trying to be the prettiest white woman? A paradox is created. And the beauty industry capitalizes on this newly formed source of income,generated from black hate.
nubian women born dark light skin

Image result for beautiful black women  Image result for beautiful black women
In theory, you can’t pick the most beautiful black women, because the black culture is so vast that it is simply impossible.There are black Asians, black Indians and black Latinos. With the vast diversity of black or Nubian people, it impossible to choose one woman that can represent every black person in the world. So why isn’t the diversity the focus of campaigns that try to marginalize profitability off of black people by still only catering to European beauty. The only explanation can be racism.

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The most reasonable explanation can only be that white mainstream media wants to dictate their European controlled standard of beauty and make certain that true beauty is seen through the eyes of white people as to keep their stance of maintaining their illusion of white supremacy. The most beautiful black women do not look like white people with extreme tans. They look like beautiful black women.

It’s time black people reclaim their identities and stop trying to compete or fit in with white culture. Our culture and history is completely different. It doesn’t mean that we can’t all get along, but it does mean that our identities and past is separate. Black beauty and how we perceive beauty is different as well. This is not something to feel nervous or uncomfortable about. It’s a beautiful thing. Not fitting in is a beautiful thing. It means that you are different, which is a beautiful thing. The beauty of black women is a beautiful thing. Being of African descent is a beautiful thing. Black American history is a beautiful thing, because it is testimony of how strong and unbreakable black people truly are.
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The most beautiful black woman can’t simply be reduced to outer beauty. All that the African American black women has been through truly makes the black American woman the most remarkable woman on the planet. African American people have been murdered in large numbers, beaten, enslaved and watched family members they loved die at the hands of racist white people who called themselves master.
For this reason, the African American woman is truly the most beautiful woman on the planet, because she has survived. Black American people have survived the most brutal history on the face of the planet – a history more gruesome and worst than the Jewish holocaust which really can’t compare to what black people in America have endured. Black Americans have not faced the wrath of one single racist, but entire nations of people who tried to enslave us, kill us off and watch black people suffer. How can the African American black woman not be the standard and role model for Black women everywhere?

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