African States are Relying Less and Less on North Korea as an Economic Partner

4 years ago
africa north korean relationship


African states are relying less and less on North Korea as an economic partner. In recent years North Korea has sought to increase its trade relationship with Africa,. Pyongyang has long fostered diplomatic and military relations with various African countries. Pyongyang has built arms factories in DR Congo, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Uganda. “From 2007 – 2015, trade between African states and North Korea amounted to $216.5 million.”

Because only 7 African countries have participated in the implementation of UN sanctions – many say Africa can help North Korea avoid sanctions. The economic relationship between African states and the DPRK is on a declining trend. African states are relying less on the DPRK.  Several African states have formally distanced themselves from North Korea in recent years. 3 African states currently sitting in the UN Security Council are Angola, Egypt and Senegal.

They voted in favor of resolution 2270 (20160, which imposes new and tougher sanctions in response to its 4th nuclear test.

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