Why Black People Won’t Support Black Owned Business

12 months ago
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Sheep are easily led. They are eager to follow. You can literally round up sheep and they will follow you anywhere without having a clue of where they are going.

Black people have given up on black economics. This was the most foolish thing that Black people have ever done as a race. If you travel to any Black community in the US, you will not find an abundance of Black businesses. Instead, you will find white owned businesses, but mostly Chinese, Arab, Indian, Turkish, or just about any other foreigner you can think of controlling all the wealth of so-called Black communities.

On top of that, Black people have been indoctrinated to look down on Black business as being inferior and less of a resource as an official non black business. There have been many reasons for this behavior. Usually these reasons don’t consider that Black businesses have less resources and money than those who compete. Black businesses are also less likely to receive loans to improve their businesses.

What Black people need to do in order to move forward is learn to buy from Black businesses, especially in their own communities. People of other races buy from each other because they love themselves and therefore they also love their people. But black people have been mislead to not love themselves as much and even more recently, hate themselves. The number of Black people killing other Black people speak volumes about the level of pride that exists in the Black community.

So What Can Be Done About Black Economics?

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The solution is more simple than most of us understand. In order to change Black people’s position of wealth, all that is needed is to support Black businesses no matter what. Never go to businesses outside of Black businesses. The money earned is money that can be used to finance our own business ventures and rebuild our own communities.

There needs to be a system in place that controls how Black businesses operate and ensure that the money is used to ensure the economic survival of the black community. Once we have this in place, then we should essentially have Black Wall Streets popping up and down Black communities. It would be our own system of wealth. This would be a system that would not be dependent on outside influences.

Every business that exists in Black communities needs to be responsible for contributing a percentage of money to that community that they are in. In its only fair and this is expected in all non black communities. So why don’t we have such a system in place? Maybe its time to start creating one.


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