Why Black People Won’t Support Black Owned Business

It’s not that Black people won’t support Black businesses. Black people run from Black owned businesses. In turn, Black people are running away from creating Black wealth which would mean better school systems and education, opportunities to feed more hungry Black people, as well as clothe and shelter impoverished Black people. What would happen if every Black person had a fair shot at being wealthy?


The tables cannot change. It’s imperative to fulfill the wishes of white supremacy. Black people are never supposed to realize their capabilities. They are not supposed to reach their potential. Measures to make sure that this did not happen were set in place hundreds of years ago. Slavery had to still exist. The legal system had to become one of the most profitable sources of wealth in the United States. But you can’t have a wealthy legal system unless you ship tons of crack into Black neighborhoods and then wage a war on drugs. It’s the perfect scheme.

Black Wall Street must come to be again. Imagine Black people spending Black wealth on Black businesses. Imagine a Black utopia.


Black people have been socially engineered to be non cooperative with one another. It’s because Black people have been trained to not only hate themselves, but to hate their history and everything unique about them that makes them Black. It sounds like a sinister plot but it’s a very real one.

By design, Black people have been trained to run away from anything that leads to the success of Black people. The logic and reasoning behind this is complex but yet the fundamental ideology is basic. Destroy Black wealth.


This ideology has been perpetuated since the existence of white supremacy. It still thrives today. The evidence of it surviving is overwhelming. Black people have become their own worst enemies. The monster that they must defeat is the Black mind state. Only then can Black people overcome White supremacy or any other type of supremacy. This is the very reason that Black people will not support Black owned businesses.

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