Black Woman Lived Out Of Garbage Cans Accepted To Harvard University

This young black queen is testimony of the greatness that resides in the minds and hearts of Nubian people. She managed to achieve the impossible. Khadijah Williams is a role model for every Black woman who dreams of doing something meaningful with their lives, regardless of their circumstance in life. Where there is will power, there is always a way!

This is the acknowledgement of a beautiful black women with all odds against her and was forced to live out of garbage cans before turning her life around. Khadijah Williams attended 12 schools in 12 years. She lived out of garbage bags among pimps, prostitutes and drug dealers. She was accepted to more than 20 universities before she chose Harvard University. Khadijah Williams is a true black success story and this woman deserves praise for enduring in the most hardest and difficult of circumstances. Next time things don’t go my way and I whine and complain, I will think of her success and what she was able to achieve and do with her life. She is an inspiration to us all!


Congrats to Khadijah and all the amazing black women who overcome tremendous odds to get to the place they need to be in life. I salute you sister!

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