“Humanity’s Organic Intelligence Has Returned”

8 months ago

“Humanity’s Organic Intelligence Has Returned”

Our subconscious mind is like a child that doesn’t know right from wrong. It simply absorbs and takes in everything from its immediate environment and stores it as data for the being to consciously express.

Now this is an important thing for humanity to understand because by being raised within the American society we have been subconsciously programmed with artificial intelligence that causes us to ignore and go against ourcellves and the organic system that we were naturally designed to be connected to.

And as a result we are ignorantly striving to be apart of it further destroying our natural system and fueling the artificial one. We cannot continue to operate on this frequency of thought. We are literally destroying the planet and ourcellves simultaneously at an all time high because we aren’t equipped with the adequate knowledge of cellf that ultimately has the power to reverse all that has been done.

Once we have received the organic intelligence via “knowledge of cellf” our actions would then turn from all that we have been taught and we would find ourcellves living in harmony with our physical being, and striving to live a more natural cellf sustainable life.

Independent from an artificial system, and in tune with Nature’s system which provides the human being with all of the resources it needs. We we’re never supposed to experience any of the man made creations that we are currently in a state of worshiping, It was all created from nature. Why are we choosing to live in a artificial world that derives from the original organic world? Why not connect directly to the source?

Reflected Wisdom From The Honorable Master Teacher Natureboy

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