“The Truth About Hair”

8 months ago

The human organism is an organic super computer that has natural receptors with specific functions that allows the Youniverse to communicate and connect to itcellf so it can express itcellf most efficiently. If humanity as a whole realized and respected this we would let our being grow as it naturally wants to and as a result we would live the way we were naturally designed to, but since we are ignorantly choosing to go against our own creation the result is that we are living backwards.

Your hair was not meant to be dyed, permed, straightened or combed. It grows the way it does for a reason, and it’s the color it is for a reason. It’s kinky and coiled because it wants to be more conducive so it can receive the electrical signals that are being emitted from the sun, environment and more and It’s black because it’s full of “Melanin.” Melanin is a super semiconductor/ antenna that allows the Youniverse to communicate with itcellf, but when you choose to dye, perm or straighten your hair; You are stripping your hair if it’s Melanin which ultimately insulates your communication with the Youniverse and causes you to vibrate and live at your lowest potential.

Your hair is more than just a fashion statement reflections it is directly connected to your brain ? via the “Hair Root Plexus.” A literal extension of your nervous system, and it acts as an antennae that allows you reach out and feel that you are one and connected with everything within your alleged “external” environment.

Post A Picture Of Your Natural Hair To Show That You Know Thycellf…????
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Reflected Light From Master Teacher Natureboy

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